4 SepChalk Paint Coffee Table

If you’ve seen my recent post on the before and after chalk paint mirror you know I’m a big fan of the stuff. I decided to try to paint our old living room coffee table, which was in need of a facelift. What’s important to know is that this table is from Ikea. Can you say laminate, anyone? My point is, chalk paint has no problem sticking to that kind of surface and my prep included wiping down the top with a little cleaner just to get the dust off of it. So, I’ll walk you through this project step by step. Here is the living room before with the fake wood table.

I knew you’d want a better look at that owl pillow! Adorable, huh?

So my next move was to choose a color and get painting. A normal person might choose a neutral considering there is a lot of artwork in this room and there’s already a bright green wall. But, I’m not normal so I chose to go with red, green’s compliment.

With the paint in hand, I lugged the coffee table outside onto a tarp and got right to painting!

Chalk paint takes about a half hour to dry. To completely cover the wood surface, this project took about three coats. But the paint dries so fast, it really takes no time at all. Here’s the painted piece!

After painting furniture with chalk paint, it’s super important to seal it with soft wax. It’s easy to do. Just rub a bit on the surface with an old t-shirt and you’re done!

Speaking of done… Here’s the finished coffee table in the living room! I love the way it spices up the room. Chalk paint is a fantastic way to give new life to old furniture in a super easy and inexpensive way! Ta-da!

For more info on chalk paint and where to find it. Go here.



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