23 AugDream Come True

Today was a fantastic day. I know that women all over the world have different hopes and dreams for themselves and their children. For me, my dream was to have Cormier Creative up and running full-force so that my schedule would allow me to drop off and pick up Carmen from school, volunteer in the classroom and be home when my little Goose needs me most. Well, today was her first day of Montessori preschool and a day of strong emotions. Of course I had the typical reaction that I can’t believe my little one is at school (weep!). That one was a given. But as I pulled through the pick up line, I realized how grateful I am to be able to “do it all.” I work full-time doing what I love and I have the NICEST clients AND I get to spend time with Carmen. If that’s not a sweet deal, I don’t know what is. So here’s a photo of my little “free thinker” on her first day of school. AKA…My dream come true.



2 thoughts on “Dream Come True

  1. Congratulations, you’ve done it all. Your business ROCKS and your daughter is off on her own school experience ~ and she’ll have the best art projects too.

    • Thanks Bee! You’re always so supportive. And yes, I’ve got high expectations for those art projects. She’s probably the only kid in the class with a “designed” name tag! : )

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