Studio Services

Cormier Creative works with a team of amazing people who help with all of the services listed below. You’ll be working with Sara on every project, but sometimes, we have to call on some specialists to make a project perfect!


Logo Design

Think a logo is just a simple graphic with your business’s name on it? Think again! Logos brand your business and set it apart. A logo says it all without words. We will work with you to understand your customers, audience, and competitors to craft something that represents your company. Whether you are a small business owner, blogger, or are getting ready to launch your Etsy shop, we can help you make a lasting impression on every customer. We can even do this in a day!


Beyond the logo, establishing a brand identity is easy when we add a few key pieces, like business cards, stationery, packaging and promotional materials. Let us create a cohesive package for you to present your clients and future customers.


Ready to show the whole world that you exist? It’s critical to get this part right. So let us help you with a knockout, user-friendly site. Have a shop and want to sell online? We do that too. The World Wide Web awaits!

Blogs/Social Media

You have something to say—make sure you are heard with a thoughtfully designed blog banner or Twitter theme.

Print Promotions

Brochures, banners, postcards, print advertisement, business cards, flyers, and more! We will design it, print it, and deliver it ready to go.


Without tooting our own horn too much, we like to think of ourselves as advertising experts. We have worked with dozens of clients to design compelling
advertising campaigns that grab clients’ attention and make competitors green with envy. Let us help with your print and online campaigns.

Wedding Invitations

You and your future husband/wife make each other’s hearts go pitter-patter, right? Well, let us custom design your wedding invitations and we promise to infuse them with as much personality and love as you two share.


Whether it’s a project we designed or you just need some show-stopping paper, we have the hook-up:
Envelope Liners
Patterned Papers
Hundreds of colors & patterns
Wood grain paper
Pockets in all shapes and sizes


Did you watch the “Meet Sara” video? You did? You loved it? We’ll help make one for you too!


Let’s come up with a plan to show off your good looking business!


Our copywriter has extensive experience writing pithy web copy (including everything on our site, obviously!), narrative advertisements for big name
glossies, press releases, brochures, website bios and about pages, restaurant menus, wedding programs and invitations, as well as editorial pieces. She knows how to make the words pounce off the page, while keeping your audience in mind.


If it is an artist’s touch you are after, we can put you in contact with the best of the best. We maintain relationships with a wide-range of illustrators, who can customize anything from fonts (handwritten logo or wedding invitation, anyone?) to web buttons and icons.


Holiday cards, birthday invites, baby announcements, graduation parties, bridal showers, personal notecards, and more! If you can mail it, we can design it.


Whether it is basic digital printing or more involved, like foil stamping, letterpress, offset and die cutting, we have the connections to guarantee your final product is on point.