Do you need an awesome logo?
Are you super excited and ready to go?
Can you make decisions on the fly?
Do you like surprises?

You’ve come to the right place!

Cormier Creative has developed the most fun, innovative and exciting new way to create your custom logo!
It’s called A New Brand Day. (clever, eh?)

A New Brand Day was born from the idea to combine my strengths:
Awesome logo design skills + doing my best work under pressure to meet your needs… an amazing, affordable logo… fast!

With A New Brand Day, you get a lot more than just a logo design. Final deliverables include:
• A customized color palette, aka your brand colors.
• Your new, vector-based logo in full-color and black & white in many versatile file formats.
• Fonts that coordinate with your logo.
• A detailed style guide for using your new logo.


So how does this work?

A typical New Brand Day looks something like this:
• Prior to our session you’ll complete a logo design questionnaire. This exercise alone will help you gain clarity.
• On the day of our session, you’ll have Sara’s attention for an entire day. I’m all yours!!
• We’ll Skype or chat in the morning to say hello, go over any last minute ideas and get pumped for the day!
• Client is on-call all day, ready to provide quick feedback (within 15–30 minutes). This is critical.
• Custom color palette is chosen and refined.
• 3 logo concepts are presented. You’ll probably do a happy dance.
• Client chooses one concept to refine.
• Revisions are made (more Skype sessions or calls if necessary).
• Logo is finalized. I will do a happy dance.
• Deliverables are e-mailed by the end of the day.
• You’ll own the rights to your logo. It’s yours. All yours.

But what about the surprises?

Uhm, they are surprises. Mmmkay?

Take a look at some of the logos created using this concept.

nbd logos

A New Brand Day is only $1299 (for now)

Please contact Sara to schedule your big day!

I promise that you will be so pumped with your new, unique logo.
It’s the right step in making your business shine and I can’t wait to see what we can create together!

A New Brand Day might not be a good fit for:
• Folks who need to “sleep on it” or ask 100 of their closest friends for opinions.
• Super intricate logo design requiring illustration work.
• Anyone too busy to devote a day to providing quick feedback.
• Businesses with lots of decision makers.

If A New Brand Day doesn’t work for you, Cormier Creative also provides traditional logo design services. We are really good at that too.

Let’s do this!