11 AugBeth Bojarski Art Obsession

Back in July, I had the pleasure of attending the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair. It was my first visit and definitely won’t be my last. I’d like to think of myself of an original art collector… on a much smaller scale than you know, millionaires. I’ve got a few pieces in my collection that I am super proud to own. Signed prints from artists such as Charley Harper, Shepard Fairey, some Cincinnati locals, as well as a few of my own creations grace my walls. But there is one peculiar piece of art that disturbs my extended family and it’s by Mark Ryden. It’s a set of three pieces, the Blood, Sweat and Tears Microportfolio. You can see it here. I’ll throw this out there… I like creepy art. There. Done. I said it. So I guess that makes Mark Ryden super duper close to the top of my list of favorite artists. Goal: To own an original Mark Ryden in my lifetime.

But, this post is not entirely about Mark Ryden and those other guys. It’s about Beth Bojarski. I had the pleasure of stalking, I mean visiting, her booth at the Ann Arbor show. As soon as I entered her space, I knew without a doubt, that she was my favorite artist in the sea of little white tents… by far. Her work is absolutely amazing and totally reminds me of Mark Ryden’s but with a touch of goofy humor. Check out this piece below… hilarious!

And here is another example of her clever style.

I think what I love most about Beth’s art is that it’s so technically well done AND it’s clever. Anyone who knows me knows that I am big on clever. And to top it off, her art has that freaky flavor that I find so endearing. If you want to see more clever creepy stuff, you should definitely check out Beth’s website here. And, buy something. While you are there… make sure you click on the “laughs” link because you’ll find one of my favorite SNL skits… the Googly Eyes Gardener with everyone’s favorite… Christopher Walken.

I feel very lucky that I got to meet Beth at the show because I have a feeling she’s going to blow up (you know, in a good way). New goal: to own an original Beth Bojarski.