4 JanBidsketch Review

Well hello there. This post is all business… in the best way. I’d like to tell you about a really great service that I just started using to create my design proposals. It’s called Bidsketch. I first discovered Bidsketch when a web developer that I work with sent me a proposal to review. I was so impressed that within a day, I was creating Bidsketch proposals for my business.


Bidsketch has helped me solve a few problems. With a little homework, my proposal now also serves as my contract. I can obtain my client’s signature online which is easy for everyone. There’s no printing and mailing of contracts… no waiting for the good ol’ postal service day after day. Bidsketch also saves me a lot of time. Since I do a lot of the same type of work, I can keep working off of the same template. It’s easy to save sections, add new sections, or just make slight changes to existing proposals.

The best part about Bidsketch is that it seems to seal the deal. Clients have been very responsive to my new, more profesional proposals.

If you’re a freelance designer, I highly recommend this proposal software. If nothing else, you should check out the Bidsketch blog which is full of really helpful information.

So there you have it. A hot little business tip from yours truly.