21 AugWhere can I buy cool paper?

Finding awesome paper is not easy. I know this from experience. When I ventured out to design my first wedding invitation requiring cool paper (my own) I realized it wasn’t easy to find neat paper in small-ish quantities. Yes, craft stores have paper, but you’ll pay an arm and a leg for 12 x 12 sheets, typically meant for the scrap-booking crowd. So what’s the solution? The average Joe doesn’t have mill swatch books laying around the house and your average printer may not have the time and patience to sit down with your bridesmaid dress swatches (you know who you are, girls). Well, I’ve got a solution for you! If all you need is neat-o paper and pockets… look no further than the Envelopments website. While I’m not at all advocating DIY design projects, there are times when you just need some sweet paper. Of course, most of the time, you need to hire a sweet designer, like me. But in the meantime…

When you click here you will be taken to the Cormier Creative Envelopments site where you can shop till you drop. Make sure you give Cormier Creative credit at the checkout. Show a girl some love! Have fun shopping all of the colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. It’s easy to get carried away! (I’m always here to help!)