23 JulMeeting Moby

Thirteen years ago, something awesome happened. I met Moby.

Now, I know we’ve probably all been lucky enough to have a brush with fame. I’ve had several myself living in New York City, working for a magazine and just getting lucky. I’ve got real pictures of George Clooney and Ryan Gosling to prove it. But whatever… it all means nothing… except for the night that I met Moby.

I’ll tell you the story and then I’ll tell you why it matters.

I was in college without a care in the world except for a few things:
1. I cared that my freaky makeup was perfect at all times. (Glitter eyeshadow? Oh yes, please!)
2. I cared enough to excel in design school.
3. I loved electronic music.

Enter Moby. I was obsessed with Moby’s music… still am. Moby is amazingly talented and nothing I can say in this sentence will sum it up… so go have a listen for yourself.

When I found out that Moby was touring and coming to a venue near me… I flipped out and rounded up a couple of friends to go with me. Bush was headlining, but I could have cared less.

Let’s jump to that night. I went to the show 110% positive that I would meet Moby. Seems realistic, right? In a crowd of thousands, I would somehow wind up one-on-one with this guy. I had no doubt in my mind and I’m even more sure that my friends thought I was crazy.

Fast forward… Moby’s show was over (amazing!) and I knew it was crunch time. We left the venue early and headed outside. And then, it started to happen… the magical series of events that would lead me to Moby.

I saw a group of people that just seemed “up to something.” I headed over to them and they informed me that someone was having Moby sign some of their stuff. I knew I was getting warm. I made myself part of this group. Then, that someone came outside and asked, “Would you guys like to come with me to meet Moby?”

I followed the group. I felt like an outsider, but I was not about to remove myself from them out of fear that I didn’t belong.

We headed backstage and there was Moby. Cue the craziness… “Can you sign this… Can you… Can you…!!!” The swarm had descended and it all felt very wrong to me. Who were these demanding people? Did they even care at all about the music or this man?

I decided that even though I walked in with this group. I didn’t want any part of it. I stayed behind, kept to myself and thought, “If I have to act like a crazy person just to get an autograph, no thanks.”

When the swarm was happy, they walked out. And there I was with Moby. Last in line with nothing but some kind words for him. “I’m honored to meet you,” is what I came up with and it took all I had to spit it out. Looking back, I could have come up with something a little more witty, but whatever!

Moby asked me if I had anything to sign. I pulled out my favorite notebook and he doodled a “Little Idiot.” for me. And then, he gave me a KISS!! Okay, it was on the cheek… but still. I’m lucky I didn’t die right on the spot. I have to believe that, for a second, Moby just kinda liked the awkward girl who came in with nothing but some nice words (and killer eye-makeup).

So, I know you are asking… What does this have to do with anything, Sara? What’s your point? How does this relate to business, me, design, anything at all.

The answer is everything.
I didn’t know it at the time, but this story is full of valuable lessons that I carry with me to this day. And they are:


1. Believe anything is possible without a shadow of a doubt. Wanting something is different from truly believing in something.

2. Follow the crowd, especially when they are on the right path, but don’t lose yourself. Don’t be afraid of breaking away and know when to do what’s best for YOU.

3. Good things come to those who are passionate and know their stuff. You’ll end up just where you need to be at just the right time. It’s probably not luck at all.

4. Be prepared for opportunity to strike. Make sure you have your “favorite notebook” equivalent ready at a moments notice.

5. This isn’t the ME show. Selfishness will get you nowhere. Doing nice things, saying nice things and treating everyone with respect will get you far. Smiles are good too.

6. One “little idiot” can make a big difference in someone’s life.

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