19 MaySimple Challenge: The Coffee Shop

A simple challenge. Is there such a thing? I say yes! I’ve got a simple challenge for you this week. It’s super easy and I think it will be super fun. Ready?


This week, I want you to treat a stranger to coffee, just to see what happens.

I’ve always thought of doing this, but I’ve never actually done it. I’m writing this on Sunday night and I’m totally going to follow through on Monday. I’ll update everyone on how my first attempt at a planned act of kindness panned out for me. Of course I’m hoping to make somebody’s day so that they will do the same for somebody else. What does this have to do with design, you ask? Oh, absolutely nothing… but it has everything to do with being awesome… kinda my thing.

So… are you up for the challenge? If you are, please commit to doing this in the comments below by saying, “I’m in!” and then come back to share your story! Ready… Go!