10 SepHappy Branding

I don’t have anything super wordy to say about the advice I want to share today. People like happy people. People like happy brands. Whether your job is filing taxes or owning a candy store, at the end of the day your goal is the same: to make your client happy. With a polished, designed look, your clients will assume you’re pretty good at that. Does your logo need a happy make-over? I’ve got just the gal for you! Me!



23 AugDream Come True

Today was a fantastic day. I know that women all over the world have different hopes and dreams for themselves and their children. For me, my dream was to have Cormier Creative up and running full-force so that my schedule would allow me to drop off and pick up Carmen from school, volunteer in the classroom and be home when my little Goose needs me most. Well, today was her first day of Montessori preschool and a day of strong emotions. Of course I had the typical reaction that I can’t believe my little one is at school (weep!). That one was a given. But as I pulled through the pick up line, I realized how grateful I am to be able to “do it all.” I work full-time doing what I love and I have the NICEST clients AND I get to spend time with Carmen. If that’s not a sweet deal, I don’t know what is. So here’s a photo of my little “free thinker” on her first day of school. AKA…My dream come true.



28 JulShe Believed She Could So She Did!


When I decided to take the giant leap into operating my own design business, it certainly wasn’t on my own. I had been secretly snooping around for everyone’s blessing. Even the most strong willed, pumped up people need to feel as if they are doing the right thing. My friends were behind me 100% because they are awesome and super-supportive. I took an online mentoring course from Isa Maria Seminega and that girl was behind me 110%! (super courses, btw… I highly recommend!) My closest family members took a bit more convincing. How many times did I hear the warning “Don’t you dare quit your job, Sara!” from my dad? Ironically, my dad is a successful entrepreneur and so was my great-grandfather. But dad’s look out for their little girls and he knows first hand that running your own show is not easy. But as usual, I got my way and ended up with his blessing. Yay! My husband had valid concerns about being the only one with a “real job” and insurance… but if I have a number one fan, it’s him so it didn’t take long to turn him around either.

But let me tell ya about my mom. My mom has always been behind me 120%. I know, the percentage thing is out of control now. But really, my mom had my back all along and knew that Cormier Creative would be a hit! So, in April when I said adios to the steady gig, my mom made me a little artwork for my office (seen above). She might not always get a lot of props for being artsy, but she totally is. She can sew, paint, decorate and craft the hell out of anything she puts her mind to. “She believed she could so she did.” That’s my motto now. I can’t think of a better one… mom that is.



24 AprGuide to Businessy Goodness

Businessy Guide

If you’ve ever questioned where to turn to for help with your small business… look no further! Cormier Creative and other professionals dedicated to helping small businesses are now part of this super helpful Guide to Businessy Goodness!

Oh My! Handmade’s Guide to Businessy Goodness is the definitive* resource manual for growing your business pangalactically. OMHG editor, Jessika Hepburn, created the guide after seeing how overwhelmed many creative entrepreneurs were at the thought of getting professional help (not that kind of help, the businessy kind). The vast number of options for growing your business is dizzying and knowing how to access them can be even more confusing. The creative community needed a guide that made business more manageable & a lot more fun. Inspired by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, she set out to build one, with help of course! Mixing practical content, a dose of silly + beautiful design, the Guide brings together some of very best services and supplies for growing a creative business. Using a magazine format the Guide packs articles, worksheets, checklists, prints & printables into a navigable package. Investing in fancy digital publishing software transformed the guide from a snazzy PDF into a space age experience worthy of Douglas Adams. True to the OMHG ethic of openness the Guide is offered as name your price. Choose between $2-20, pack your towel, and prepare for lift-off!

*Please note the OMHG clarification of the word definitive, borrowed merrily from Douglas Adams: “The Guide is definitive. Reality is frequently inaccurate.”



13 AprHello world!

Hello hello hello and welcome to the Cormier Creative blog! The fact that I’m writing this post means that… my website is ready to launch! I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting that is for me. Launching this site means launching into so much more! Last week, I quit my steady gig to devote myself 100% to this venture. I’m now investing all of my time and energy working with people who value good design, are looking to improve their business or want an amazing wedding invitation. It’s a dream come true and I can’t thank everyone enough for the help and support I’ve received. It has been overwhelming and just assures me that this is going to be great! So welcome… stay tuned… have a little look around… and of course, say hello!