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Can I share an awesome project with you? I keep pinching myself to make sure that it’s really happening… and that I was chosen to be a part of it.

Here’s a little back story…

There is a project in Cincinnati through ArtWorks called CincyInk. You can read all about it at that link, but I’ll sum it up quickly. ArtWorks asked people to submit reasons why they love Cincinnati. 1,000+ entries later, the info was passed on to a poetry collective, Chase Public, who crafted the most beautiful poem about Cincinnati. This poem, titled “Seven Hills and a Queen to Name Them” can be seen in its entirety here.

This poem was intended be be shared publicly and that’s where I come in. No, I didn’t get a phrase of the poem tattooed on my body like some, but I was chosen to participate in the public art part of the project.

37 outstanding artists were chosen to illustrate assigned stanzas from the poem, to be displayed around downtown Cincinnati. Talk about a humbling experience… the talent in this group was unreal. The best part… we had complete creative freedom!

My stanza was “I drive Montgomery Road to our centennial house. From the porch, I hear the baby cry, a new squall storming old plaster.” And, while I found this to be challenging, I think my artwork turned out just lovely. I even got some hot pink in there. (duh) You can see this artwork in person at 13th and Vine downtown. And of course there are 36 other pieces to hunt down as well. Make a day of it!




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