23 AprWhat I’ve Learned: Year One

Saturday marked the anniversary of what I like to call “My First Day of Freedom.” So, I’m going to share with you some things I learned during the first year of taking the leap and leaving my full-time job.


1. It’s Thrilling!

If you’re dreaming of marching into your boss’s office to let them know that you are DONE, savor that moment. You may feel sick to your stomach, totally nervous, questioning everything, but feel the fear, and do it anyway. That’s kind of my mantra now. But the thrill doesn’t end there. Oh no! Thrills and emotion come with the territory of running your own show. Clients come, clients go, things change. Highs and lows.


2. It’s HARD WORK.

I have never worked for anything as hard as I work to make Cormier Creative awesome. When I worked for someone else, I would count down the hours until I got to leave. I know I’m not alone on that! I would drag myself to work for another day at the office. But now, I wake up early and I’m excited about the day. Time goes by super fast and I want to work later and longer. It’s tough to drag me away from the computer. I’ve said goodbye to the 40 hour work week and hello to working around the clock.


3. Trust. Your. Gut.

From clients to products to anything you want to do in your business… If it feels right, go for it. I recently threw a very successful networking party. I knew it was a good idea, trusted that it felt right, and followed through. Not only was the turnout AWESOME but I was getting amazing feedback about how great the party was. I’m glad I trusted in the process and followed through. The same goes for that nagging negative feeling. Ditch the negative stuff… fast.


4. Be Giving and Positive.

While you can’t give away services to anyone that comes a knockin’, you can share advice, helpful tips and tricks and possess a generous attitude. It will take you far. Everyone is grateful for a little help along the way. If you’re the one giving it, I promise it comes back times 10. Nobody ever failed in business from being a great mentor, a ray of sunshine or for going the extra mile.


5. There’s No Turning Back

I’ve had a taste of freedom and there’s no way I’m ever going to work in an office full-time again. That means a life full of the unexpected, constant game-changers, crazy taxes, and, as luck would have it… impromptu trips to the playground, coffee dates without time limits and answering to the only boss I know now… Me.

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8 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned: Year One

  1. congratulations! i left my job last friday and while i’m incredibly exciting it was far more overwhelming than i thought it would be. so it’s so nice to read this firsthand account of how amazing it is!


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